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Protect Your Transaction

Protect Your Transaction

Protect Your Transaction…..otherwise known as PYT.

As a PYT Certified REALTOR (Protect Your Transaction) my team and I are proud to announce the new way of preparing for your new home purchase.  Have you ever wanted to be sure that your home loan was going to be approved prior to purchasing your new home?  If yes, then PYT is the program for you.


So what is Protect Your Transaction?  What is PYT?  PYT is a service that will be changing the real estate industry, one loan at a time.  Instead of waiting until the end of escrow to obtain Underwriting credit approval for your home purchase, our Lending Partners will obtain Buyer Credit Approval upfront so you can shop with confidence.  They will work with you to obtain the necessary documents and submit a full TBD Home Loan application on your behalf.  Once your loan package is complete, then your loan application will move to Underwriting for PYT Buyer Credit Approval. And once credit approved, then we start your home search. 


Your offers to sellers will rise to the top as your Buyer Credit Approved loan is just as strong as a cash buyer.  Your transaction will go smoother and your buying experience will be a great one!


As the video describes, YOU the buyer, have an additional built-in assurance as well, with Protect Your TransactionSM (PYTSM).  PYT offers $15,000 of Lender Performance Commitment! With added value for our Veterans, Nurses, Teachers and First Responders where the protection is offered at $20,000!


Protect Your TransactionSM provides all parties to a real estate transaction with peace of mind that the Lender will deliver on its commitment to close.


Want to get started with your PYT Home Loan? 

Apply here and our Lending Partner, Karen Jones (NMLS#307015) will b happy to guide you every step of the way.

Apply Here.